Out of the selected 40 riders from across the globe to tackle the Mongol Derby, Krystal Kelly (age 24) is among them. Krystal Kelly is a California girl determined to travel the world on the back of a horse. Krystal has travelled solo, working in such countries as a show jumping horse rider/trainer in Belgium, Italy, Romania, Egypt, India and Bhutan. In pursuit of her lifelong goal to one day compete for Gold at the Olympics, she has worked in some startling situations. Some of which include: Surviving the Egyptian Revolution, trained in Belgium with a 5 time Olympic rider, Stormed Dracula’s Castle and competed in Romania over 1.30 m jumps, Rode in the Himalayas for two weeks on semi-trained ponies over dangerous mountains in Bhutan…the real question is not if Krystal is ready for the Mongol Derby but is the Mongol Derby ready for Krystal!


Trail riding in the Himalayas!


Spider Maám storming the castle in India!

Camel riding at the Pushkar Camel fair in India!

Camel riding at the Pushkar Camel fair in India!


Wearing the Traditional Dress in Bhutan


Marwari Horses in India


Attending a wedding in Egypt


Riding Elephants!


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  1. jatinder

    best of luck dear

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