Indian Breed Horses (Marwari)

The Indian horses are truly incredible animals. It is unfortunate that the countries such as the USA and Europe do not allow this gorgeous breed to be imported Internationally and therefore can only be found in India or Pakistan.

I had the fortunate pleasure to ride both a top Pakistani breed Stallion known as a Cindy, along with a Marwari stallion and a Majuka line stallion. It was such a treat to ride out in the country side all day on these amazing horses. Strong, sturdy and powerful, my favorite was of course all of them for different reasons. The Cindy breed was tall in height and his gaited pacing was flawless to sit on the trails. The Marwari, although a bit of a hot head, too had a comfortable gait. These breeds of horses are gaited, partially from natural ability and partially from training. It was afterall necessary during the times of war to train these horses to be as smooth as possible during battle and to carry their rider the extreme long distances. Galloping on the Majuka Line Stallion was an absolute blast and I would definitely enjoy riding long distances atop this majestic grey steed. Looking forward to the upcoming months of training on these powerful stallions for endurance! 

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