Mongol Rally Car Needs a New Engine – Solo Woman Drives Overland from England to Mongolia

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10599239_719671388087262_8021836232673264484_n The Mongol Derby was tough but I was tougher! I finished in 10 days! Only 22 out of 48 riders completed. Click on my website for tips and tricks on how I did it:

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India with Krystal

Leh Laddak Road Trip! Please join us at

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Fundraising withCoolEarth

Fundraising withCoolEarth

Help me save the rainforests! Part of my Mongol Derby Entry fee goes towards saving this planet! 

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Mongol Derby

Mongol Derby

Its almost the New Year and it makes me think about my Resolutions for 2014. I want to have an adventure and the Mongol Derby will definitely make my resolution come true! What’s your resolutions for the year?

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Make it Count!

This video about sums up my life and what I strive for! Today I started my Couch to 10k running workouts! Now I just need to make my own Make it count video!!! Oh wait…already got one: Click on RIDER to watch my video

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If Dreams Don’t Scare you…

If Dreams Don't Scare you...

Many of my friends often ask me questions like, “Why would you want to live in India?” or “Why would you want to race in the Mongol Derby” and my personal favorite, “Are you CRAZY?!”
And that’s why I say to you, “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough. ” I’ve always been a dreamer and I’ve always chased what others believed couldn’t be done. Countless times in my life I have proven to myself that anything is possible and sometimes miracles DO actually happen. If you are patient and determined and not afraid to chase after your dreams…one day you might actually reach them. And more likely, you will soar above and beyond what even your wildest dreams could ever have possibly imagined! Follow your dreams everyone! And help me follow mine by supporting me to ride in the Mongol Derby! Click on Donate or Sponsor!

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A Pony

A Pony

Too cute!

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From 0 to 70

One week ago I was horseless…but somehow 70 horses appeared, isn’t it frightening.

One by one we gave them a name like prancer and dancer and dazzle and lightning.

From stallions and foals and lots of nice mares, to saddle broke, weanlings and unbroken too.

There’s baby goats and bunnies, camels and rams and don’t forget the animals that moo.


Now I’m off for my training, a lot of work to be done.

But it shouldn’t be called work when its this much fun.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ride! 

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